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Fine Guard Comfort blends breathability and protection into one incredibly efficient mask that serves to protect you and your family, with adjustable straps that provide a fit that's just right (reducing strain on the ears). 


Product Features


FineGuard™ masks use a patented technology developed by the Swiss company Livinguard, which neutralizes and destroys viruses and bacteria that come in contact with the fabric of the mask.

LIVINGUARD® coats the fabric with a protection layer that kills the viruses on contact. Charged ions to disrupt the atomic structure of bacteria and/or viruses, rendering them inactive. That’s the scientific way of saying it, but for the rest of us, we can simply say they are dead!

LIVINGUARD® is certified as 100% safe by "Product Safety Labs", USA 

  • Reusable for 1 year and washable 30 times with hand soap & cold water
  • Equipped with adjustable straps for a customized fit for adults of all ages
  • Made of comfortable, soft material equipped for prolonged use
  • 3 micron filtration
  • Tested and certified

Based on international testing and certifications, the Fine Guard Comfort masks have been clinically proven to kill 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, as per ISO 18184 protocol testing conducted at the Freie Universität of Berlin, in Germany.

The LivinGuard anti-viral fabric does not contain leachable metals or chemicals that can be harmful to users or the environment.

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Josh M.

Love It!

I bought one FineGuard mask to try it. When I wore it to work I realized that on top of the added protection and the comfort I mentally was more comfortable! Just knowing that if I touch my mask I'm not contaminating it is a blessing!! Highly recommend it. 5 or 6 people I know already got one and they all felt the same.


Does not smell!!

Been wearing this mask all day at work for 2 weeks. I absolutely love it, it does not stink up and stays snug and comfortable all day so I dont have to keep touching it. Highly recommended for anyone that wears a mask all day, I used to throw out 2 -3 disposables a day


Easy to breathe

I bought 5 masks for my whole family and we all love them. Compared to many other masks on the market, these are soo much more breathable. My kid has to wear a mask to school and after trying this mask said the same thing. The fit is comfortable too, not too snug and easy to adjust. Considering that along with all the anti-bacterial and medical benefits of this mask over the others available in Canada, this is totally worth it!


The most comfortable mask ever

I purchased this mask for its incredible certified features. I already feel safer when wearing when grocery shopping or at my gym. It is very comfortable and it stays put and does not move up or down on your face therefore I find that I am not touching my face trying to adjust the mask. I am now purchasing 3 more for my kids.

Maria A.
Ottawa, Canada

Love it, so comfy

Incredibly comfortable mask, very breathable and light. Love it!!


Thank you for your purchase Maria, Stay safe

Customer Reviews

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